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Do you REALLY know who you are hiring?

Or, who you've already hired? Most companies take significant precautions when it comes to cyber security, in an attempt to keep outside threats from accessing and compromising computer systems and data. However, at times, threats to your business may literally knock on your door in the form of a potential new hire, or may already be a part of your company in the form of a current employee. What can you do to help prevent allowing new or existing employees to jeopardize any of your company assets, whether it is other employees, computer systems and data, or the physical plant itself? Almost daily, there are unfortunate events covered by the news where schools, businesses, places of worship have been the location for acts of violence. Businesses have often had to face legal actions by existing employees due to claims of on the job harassment, hostile work environments, sexual harassment, discrimination that cost companies millions of dollars in legal fees and settlements. And almost always, information is discovered after the fact suggesting that there were warning signs and indicators that were often overlooked or unrecognized, that could have significantly altered or prevented the event. This is where Critical Assessments can help. Our assessment program helps identify individuals who may have high potential for job-related issues. This information, coupled with your own do diligence, can help identify individuals who may not be trustworthy, stable or reliable.

Fitness for Duty
Behavioral Observation
Current Employment

Available for any corporation or industry interested in the stability, trustworthiness and reliability of employess.

Dealing with all of the unknowns, stress levels have never been higher in the workplace.

Can the employee safely and effectively perform their defined job?

Environmental pressures from home and in the workplace can build up and cause break downs.

Why evaluate existing employees?

The only constant in life is change. Divorces and marital issues, illness or death of a family member, financial stress, substance abuse, etc. Changes that may occur in anyone's life. It is NOT the event, but rather,how individuals react to those events and changes is the key to their stability, reliability and trustworthiness.

With the devastation that the COVID 19 virus has had, and continues to have on our economy, and the impact it had on our workforce, Critical Assessments' services are even more critical than ever. The pressure your management has to not only regain your place in the market, but to drive your business into an new future is greater than ever before. Similarly, balancing the need for employee productivity with the added stresses of an unknown future, creates a new level of stress than we have ever experienced. Now, more than ever, assessing the current and ongoing reliability, trustworthiness and stability of a workforce.

Pre-Employment Psychological Assessments

Critical Assessments provides prehire psychological assessments for law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS and EMT specialists, security guards, bodyguards, corporate pilots, aviation mechanics, IT specialists, plant operators, engineers, I and C specialists and other personnel in high risk and safety sensitive positions. This specialized examination assists employers in identifying an applicant’s potential for job related performance issues and for suitability for a public safety positions or critical workplace positions. We have been providing this service to the nuclear power generation industry for 37 years, and average over 14,000 assessments per year. Now this program is available for any corporation or industry interested in the stability, trustworthiness and reliability of employees.

Psychological Assessments of Current Employees 

Many of our clients choose to reassess current employees on regular intervals (every three to five years), in order to determine if any life events have occurred that have created concerns that may need to be addressed with an employee before a crisis occurs. These assessments assist employers in maintaining a workforce that is stable, reliable and trustworthy. It can be a useful tool to guide employees having issues to address then in a timely and effective manner in order to help them return to an acceptable level of performance, or to circumvent a possible traumatic incident. With the COVID – 19 virus, people are under enormous stress dealing with life issues. Adding the stress of dealing with the unknowns in the workplace, stress levels have never been higher.

Fitness for Duty Evaluation (FFD)

Fitness for Duty Evaluation (FFD) is a formal, specialized examination of an incumbent employee that results from (1) objective evidence that the employee may be unable to safely or effectively perform a defined job and (2) a reasonable basis for believing that the cause may be attributable to a psychological condition or impairment, or a post work event that creates concern over an employee's fitness for duty.

Continuous Behavioral Observation (CBO) Training

How do you know that everything with your existing workforce is stable? How do you know when some employees are beginning to break down due to environmental pressures at home and in the workplace. Can you and your business afford to presume that everything is OK? And what if it's not. Work performance errors, employee conflicts, sabotage, theft, violence – all become possibilities. Our Continuous Behavioral Observation (CBO) Training program teaches you to observe, document and address potential behavioral changes in your employees BEFORE the situation becomes critical. This training program will assist supervisory level employees to observe negative changes in employee behaviors, document them, conference with the employee and/or refer to an intervention service. Now, more than ever because of the COVID-19 virus and its effects on employees AND employers alike, this program is critical to the overall safety and performance level of any business.

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